What We Believe


NLCC is a Christian church, we follow the teaching of the bible, and believe that Jesus was sent by God to reveal God and his love for us. As a result of this love, he is able to bring us into a relationship with him through faith.

God wants to have a friendship and relationship with us, but there is a problem:-

  • We are separated from God

The bible tells us that man is separated from God because of our unbelief and lifestyle; there is a price to pay as a result, and reconciliation is impossible.

The question then is there anything we can do about it?

  • Reconciliation with God an impossibility?

Men seek reconciliation with God by trying to balance out our bad with more good, but no matter how much we try, we still fall short of God's holy standard.

The bible says the start of reconciliation, is to acknowledge that we in ourselves can never reach the standard, but that one person did.

Jesus Christ is that person.

He lived a perfect life ie he did not sin, yet on the cross, he paid the punishment for sin!

When he died on the cross, he did so as our substitute ie for you and me, yes he paid the price for us!

Jesus died on the cross to pave the way for our forgiveness and to bring reconciliation and peace with God

  • How to be friends with God

1. Turn from our own sin and towards God, asking him to forgive you

2. Thank him for dying on the cross for you and for his offer of forgiveness

3. Accept Him into your life and live the rest of it, enjoying your relationship with him.

Many millions have said a prayer like the one below and God has come in and given them a new reason for being, a new purpose for life, and a new zest for living.

The bible says God will hear however and whoever calls. Why not try right now?

  • Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life and for my unbelief to this point. Please forgive me and help me now as I come to you in the faith I have. Thank you for dying on the cross for me so that I could be forgiven, be reconciled to God and set free from the guilt and conscience of the past. Please come into my life by your Holy Spirit and be with me forever. Amen

  • What next?

1. Tell someone - this will help underpin what you have done.

2. Read the bible - get hold of a modern version and begin to read

3. Begin to pray, God is not looking for eloquence or long words, just speak to him from your heart.

4. Join a lively church

I said a prayer like the one above on 10th November 1974, I never thought where or to whom God would take me as a result.

I have friends on five continents, and belong to a great church in Wakefield that I hope you will visit one day.

Kevin Foster (Senior Pastor)

email office@newlifewakefield.co.uk