Asylum Seeker-Help and Assistance

We have a great concern for the plight of asylum seekers in the city. The bible tells us we as Christians should help the ‘alien/foreigner’ and do all we can to show them practical love and help.

All of our help is currently focussed on Asylum seekers and refugees who are already in the UK and are based at Angel Lodge.

Each month we receive numerous requests to help people and families to get to the UK,  but we are not able to do this.

The Angel Lodge Reception Centre was opened in Wakefield in 2007 and since then over 2000 asylum seekers have visited the church to worship with us and seek help. Some are deeply traumatised and have horrendous stories regarding persecution and their escape to the UK.

Typically, asylum seeker will stay in the city for a maximum of 4 weeks before being dispersed-in that short time period we seek to befriend, counsel, and to give as much support as we can to help in the adjustment to European life.

We also help by offering letter and tribunal support as well as making contact with known support agencies in their city of dispersal.

In April 2015, we will begin a short (three week long)  English course for beginners enabling asylum seekers with little or no English, to be helped.

Wakefield is a designated 'City of Sanctuary' and offers further help to Asylum seekers and refugees see   for further details

For more information please contact : Senior Minister, Kevin Foster : 01924 383253 or email