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History, objectives and activities of the Trust

The aim of the project is to see lives changed by helping to relieve the suffering caused by want    and poverty in the Wakefield area and beyond. Facilitating a resource centre in the city does this. The centre is open five days per week with clients visiting on a daily basis (10am-3pm) via a referral system.  The charity not only provides food, clothing, toiletries, furniture, house wares but help and support in every avenue, either in house or by referral to other specific agencies.

The charity is governed by the chair and 7 trustees who meet 4 times a year.

The charity employs a fulltime Project Manager and a part time Client Support Worker, Kitchen Supervisor, Cleaner and Driver. These 5 work alongside 40 dedicated volunteers. The total man hours for these amazing volunteers  exceeds an estimate of 176 hours per week. (£56.5k pa equivalent at minimum wage)

Resume of the Past Year to quantify a successful year because of the nature of the charity one must assume that the needs and poverty in the area are just as prevalent.

Over the 12 month the charity saw 773 individuals visiting a total of 18,171 times. 377 first time clients crossed the threshold. This gave a daily attendance of 71.9. The kitchen served 18,051 meals and the store gave 2,359 items of clothes and 266 pieces of furniture.

257 referrals were made to relevant agencies for 148 clients. The breakdown is as follows: 61.9% housing and floating support; 14.8% addictions and well-being; 7% finance and debt management; 6.6% to Preventing Rough Sleeping; 1.9% each to specialist and training; 5.8% other.  8 persons were excluded for anti-social behaviour and 49 ‘moved on’ as they are now able to live by independent means without the daily support of CAP.

During each week other agencies/ partners hold surgeries within Market Street and advice and help is readily available as needed. These include :Christians Against Poverty; Fair Chance/Fusion – support for 18 - 25 years; Foundation Housing; Hairdresser; AA; Health & Wellbeing Team -support for 55 years+;  Informal Learning;  Makin Dixon – Solicitors; Preventing Rough Sleeping Model; Rethink; Rightsteps; Stonham Housing; White Rose Credit Union; White Rose Optical; WMDC Healthy Living Team; WY-FI - chaotic lives.  To see these surgeries in operation throughout the year has been an exciting fulfilment of the original dream' of the charity.

In addition to all the statutory support it was felt necessary that a CAP cell be started in September last, this is run by Ernest Hibbert, John Fowley and John McGuire. Each week clients are invited to listen to a challenging word from the bible and a time of prayer and dedication/ commitment follows. Several young men have accepted the Lord Jesus and are being disciple not just by the group leaders but by other members of the New Life fellowship.

The battle in the heavenlies for these young men and women is strong and they should be constantly in our prayers.

Probably one of the most momentous of the year was in the distribution of 828 Christmas hampers given to marginalised families via Sure Start.  This scheme was supported generously by the Wakefield Chantry Rotarians and the Wakefield Express not forgetting of course the general public.                    

During the year the Trustees and other supporters have organised fund raising events, these included 2 fashion shows, afternoon tea party, and a team competing in the annual Dragon Boat Race organised by the Wakefield Chantry Rotarians.                              

We read so often that we are workers together. Next year is the 20th Anniversary of the founding of CAP and we are constantly reminded that ‘without the Lord builds the house we labour in vain’ but also that together we will see a harvest of men and women turning from darkness to light.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.      Elisabeth Hibbert

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