Some of the Ministries supported by NLCC throughout the year

Jesus commanded his disciples to share with others the good news about himself.

He said they should begin in Jerusalem and then to Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. They obeyed his command and it was said by historians that the early disciples turned the world upside down with the teachings of Christ. (Christians would argue they turned it the right way up)

The command to GO has never been rescinded and we at NLCC do what we can, to share the good news of Christ through prayer and financial support to various people and projects, on a local, regional, national and international basis.

Here are just a few :-


1. The Cross Project. This is a team of young people who visit local senior schools to be mentors, take assemblies, lessons, and lunch time clubs. http://wwwcrossproject.wordpress.com/

2. Christians Against Poverty. This is a new centre opened in Wakefield in the summer of 2012 and is sponsored by a number of churches (including NLCC) in the city. C.A.P. seeks to help those in debt or who are struggling with their finances. http://capuk.org/

3. Community Awareness Programme. The provision of food, clothing, counselling and housing for the homeless and needy.  http://www.capcare.org/


1. Proclaim Trust. This is headed up by ex drug addict Barry Woodward who although operating nationally, works more especially in the Yorkshire Region. Barry goes to prisons, to churches, and into schools to share his faith and the dangers of drugs. We have also sponsored the distribution of a DVD of his life story to prisons and local schools. His life story in book form 'Once and Addict' has been sponsiored into local prisons. Barry ministers annually in the church here in Wakefield. http://www.proclaimtrust.org/


1. 73rd Trust. This is headed up by Mark Ritchie, an amazing communicator of the gospel. Mark shares his faith in a variety of venues ranging from theatres and football stadiums to schools and churches, and in particular to young people. Mark ministers annually in the church here in Wakefield http://www73rdtrust.co./


2. New Life Sunshine English Club Romania. Leo and Daniela Lupu were members at NLCC and began building a school to teach English to poorer students. The church has financed some of the building work which is due for completion in the Autumn of 2012

3. Christian Solidarity Worldwide. (C.S.W.) This organisation acts as a voice for the voiceless, campaigning for human rights throughout the world. The New Wells Connect Group, and individuals, support CSW and the plight of persecuted Christians. http://wwwcsw.org.uk/

4. Vincent Borrowmeo is the leader of Youth Alive in Italy and brings young people together from all denominations for celebration and conferences throughout the year. http://www.youthalive.it/

6. Dave and Madeleine Russon-Dave formerly headed up the AoG Missions Department and is now travelling the world promoting missions.

7. C.A.M. Central African Missions, work predominantly in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Mozambique. We receive monthly information via the Contact Magazine. (for more information talk with Marjorie Ogier at NLCC) http://www.camafrica.org

8. INCARE. This is the AoG international relief organisation, they seek to help anyone of any creed caught up in disaster caused by earthquake, famine etc. NLCC have given substantial amounts in the last years to a number of projects resulting from the tsunami in Asia, and tornados in the Caribbean. http://www.aog.uk/

Assemblies of God
The Assemblies of God is a highly active fellowship of churches.


Ground Level Network
The Ground Level Network exists to support and care for local churches and ministries.